I think no group annoys me as much as the Hillary for McCainers. Whatever you think of Obama, you cannot present me with an rational argument to support McCain in the wake of Hillary's loss. These people do a nice job of destroying the credibility of women in politics. Hillary lost in a fair fight. Democrats chose Obama. Agree with him or not, he was democratically selected as the nominee. The people told Hillary no. So by throwing a fit and taking the ball home with them, all they have done is shown they have no grace in defeat.

Worse yet, they have a super cheesy ad of a nutjob-sore-loser type holding up signs for why she supports McCain now. It's done like a really bad online school advertisement complete with poor timing standing in for thoughtful contemplation.

One of the Hillary supporters at the DNC called me and [livejournal.com profile] sandiaheights "gender traitors" for not volunteering to hold a Hillary banner. Not only was it a moronic thing to say to someone you don't know, it was indicative of how blinded these people are their own cause as being the only cause. For all she knew, I didn't want to hold it because I have carpal tunnel or I support the Green Party candidate, Cynthia McKinney. The idea that one isn't a feminist or for equality because they don't support Hillary Clinton is ludicrous.

There were others wearing t-shirt that said "Radical Feminists for Hillary." Way to be totally oblivious to what Radical Feminism stands for - which by the way isn't Hillary. Radical feminism totally rejects the patriarchal heirarchy system that Hillary has embraced by cracking that glass ceiling. They don't look to break through the ceiling, they look to dismantle the entire structure. Hillary is a feminist to be sure, but she's not radical even slightly. And if you claim to be a radical feminist for McCain, you might want to get a refund on that lobotomy.

Behind the cut-tag are photos of the Hillary Supporters at the DNC )

I'd say it will be interesting to see if the Hillary for McCainers embrace the oil grubbing, anti-choice, anti-gay, pro-gun, no-experience, ex-beauty queen, trophy Veep, Sarah Palin, but I don't think it will be interesting at all. They'd be far more interesting if they said they were writing in Ron Paul or better yet, Zoltar, their alien master.
( Aug. 28th, 2008 11:15 pm)
I've posted some pics on my Facebook account on the DNC. I'll be posting more here soon, but right now I'm too tired to do more than stare at the pretty colors on the screen. It's been a hell of a week in Denver and I haven't quite congealed yet from the intense heat and energy generated here.

Tonight was a spectacular way to end the convention with Obama's home run speech. It's hard to imagine McCain living up to that next week.

My only grip is that I didn't get tickets to see John Stewart at my alma mater where he's been broadcasting from ALL WEEK! The alumni folks at DU are going to get a nice letter from me explaining how the 50 letters I get from them a week asking for money are now all going into the trash since the school can't be bothered to send me an invite to something I'd actually like to go to. Not that I'm bitter. Colbert, I feel your pain tonight.

Tomorrow, it's off to the Taste of Colorado in Civic Center Park. Should be the perfect grace note to end the convention on this week. :)
( Aug. 25th, 2008 04:25 pm)
Sunday I took the lightrail downtown to check out the DNC activity as the delegates and protesters had their first full day in the city of Denver. When we first got there, the feeling was laid back. Everyone, including all of the protesters, were very polite. The only tension came from the police force and as the day progressed the more the tension mounted. You can find them everywhere in full riot gear and armed to the teeth. You can also catch secret service roaming about talking into their sleeves. Yeah, they seriously really do that.

Check out the pictures beneath the cut tag )

I'll be going back down there tomorrow to join the Procession for the Future Puppet March sponsored by the Alliance for Real Democracy, Tent State and various other groups. If I'm not arrested, I'll post more pics...
This weekend I went downtown to shoot a few pics of pre-convention Denver. It's mostly what you would expect with banners, tree lights and red, white and blue bunting. Below are a few examples of how Denver spruced up the city

Pre-DNC Denver Pics )

The city wasn't the only thing to get cleaned up. Denver's homeless were also given a shave and a haircut. Well, as Jesus said, the poor we will always have with us. That doesn't mean they can't have a little pizazz! I'm all for helping people out and I'm sure of lot of the homeless appreciated the gesture and the attention. It may be worth it just for that. But there's something disgusting about the idea of cleaning up the undesirables so that our visiting conventioneers don't notice them. This is all part of the city beautification project fund specifically set aside for the DNC.

More to come...
So the Tent State protest group plans to camp out at City Park for the DNC, but the mayor says No Way! Looks like it will be sprinklers for whoever decides to stay past the park's 11pm curfew. No word on if they plan to spice up the water coming out of those sprinklers, but I hear they use the lake water for that, so camp at your own risk.

For a list of all planned protests, marches, political action groups, road closures and the like, go here.

Will Denver's dissenters stick to the muddled plan? Hard to say. Typically if there's going to be trouble, you'll see it in places like the more right-winged Colorado Springs. But this Convention is anything but (dare I?) - conventional. I think we can see anything from peaceful marches to radical Hillary supporters rampaging through the streets. It's anyone's guess if it go off without a hitch or end in tears.

Okay, the following facts were gleaned from [livejournal.com profile] sandiaheights in Denver's 5280 magazine (wild applause):

A couple of the articles on the website can be dowloaded in their entirety, otherwise you have to cough up the dough and subscribe.

Here's the low down on what's inside! )

14 Days and Counting!
( Aug. 5th, 2008 09:46 am)
I'm using the new icon provided by [livejournal.com profile] sandiaheights (thank you very much). It's the current cover of Denver's magazine 5280. For those of you confused by the number, that's a mile above sea level, otherwise known as why it's hard to breathe if you're not from around these parts. Conventioneers, don't go all crazy around Red Rocks. Try to pace yourselves, okay?

Feel free to use the icons or pics if you wish.

You can sign up here if you're from Denver and want a chance to attend Obama's acceptance speech Thursday, August 28th. Be warned, it's primarily a donation page. While you don't have to give a donation, I noted that they also do say you have an equal chance of getting in if you don't.

Protesters can chant a sigh of relief, as they and the public have been given the go ahead to use the VIP lot at Invesco on the last day of the convention. And to show they care, the city of Denver will be providing the bullhorns.

Wanna get a glimpse inside the Pepsi Center to see what a DNC transformed Pepsi Center looks like? If you can get tickets (info provided in the link) you can take a tour. Scroll down and read the comments at the bottom of the page if you want to see the typical Denver reaction to this. They're even less enthused then they were in the last YouTube installment of Things to Do in Denver during the DNC.

120 bloggers get access to DNC. Guess who wasn't invited. Ah well. I heard Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich weren't going to be duking it out there to see who leads the radical contingency anyway....

(Edit - sorry for the formatting issues earlier
Edit Mark 2 - links fixed.)
( Aug. 2nd, 2008 09:00 pm)
My apologies for slacking on the DNC news here in Denver. I've been bombarded with work and what little time I have left over is set aside to decompress and sleep.

That aside, not too much is going on right now. It seems to be the calm before the storm. No doubt on August 26th some lost soul who missed work on Monday will say, "Uh, dude! What are all these people doing here?" This seems to be the mindset of my day-time place of employment. I'll no doubt be ranting about that in the very near future, so on with the current round up for the week.

Unhappy with all the money that Denver is spending on security for the convention, a group of Anarchists Propose $50 Million Deal On Convention. Their bargain deal is that they will not protest and disrupt the convention if Denver ditches security and funnels the money to people who need it (mostly for health care for the needy. I have to admit, with all the money they're spending on security cameras that are arguably ineffective, one wonders if they don't have a point.

But Denver does care about the needy as they plan on handing out free movie, museum and arts tickets to the homeless during the DNC. They vehemently deny that this is an attempt to get the homeless off the streets and out of sight to the conventioners, but rather to keep them safe from being run over by blind, rampaging democrats and protesters.

Other people are just looking to make some cash to pay bills by renting out their home for the DNC. If you're looking to come to Denver and haven't found a place to stay yet, try looking on Craig's List and you're bound to find something.

Finally, if you're planning on coming to the convention and you're looking for something to do while your here, check out this video of random Denverites offering their ideas for fun and excitement in the mile high city. I must admit, my favorites are the people recommending everyone go to Aspen or Boulder...

Lots of DNC posts today!

If you happen to be in Denver for the convention, there's DNC Access and Mobility info under the cut tag. Drop me a line and let me know if you'll be here. I'll be happy to point you in the direction of good eats downtown and some places of interest other than the Pepsi Center and Invesco Field.

Read more on the logistics )
( Jul. 16th, 2008 07:58 am)
I've been immersed in the start of the summer quarter for both schools I work for, to explain why DNC updates are a bit touch and go right now. Here's what's been in the news the past few days:

If you're coming to Denver to protest at the DNC, you might want to leave your bike at home. Proposed Ordinance Restricts What Protesters Can Carry - The Denver police chief claims that they will not arrest people with bikes and pad locks, but folks like the ACLU and Recreate '68 maintain that the way the rule is written, technically the police can arrest them.

So how many police will be out there? Well, at Least 900 Officers will be brought in to help at the DNC - This is in addition to the regular police force that will be here. There's not been a number published of actual police that will be on the streets yet. In addition to the police, there will be nearly a million dollars worth of surveillance camera's installed around the city. This of course brings joy to the hearts of the people of Denver. We'll be keeping those cameras after the convention.

For those wishing to start their criminal justice careers in Denver this August, you can forget it. There's a hiring freeze on all positions of authority and medical personal right now.

The last bit of news isn't about the DNC, but the election. Denver has decided to nix the voting machice and go back to the paper ballot. Take THAT Diebold! The last Congressional election was a miserable disaster here. The Mayor ended up paying all the parking tickets for the people that had to wait in long lines.

More as it comes in...
( Jul. 10th, 2008 12:33 pm)
DNC News of the Day

Police ready to control riots at DNC - I get that crowd control and security is needed at any large event, but I was a bit dismayed by, "DPD policy is to arrest, book and jail protesters instead of issuing them tickets". Um, shouldn't that say rioting protesters or protesters in violation of their permits? The whole feel of the article is anti First Amendment. What about also being there to protect the rights of the people to lawfully assemble and voice their opinion? Denver police have a long history of unlawfully arresting protesters and keeping illegal files on people that go to rallies. When Mayor Hickenlooper took office he released the files and made the police stop the practice. People attending peaceful protests found themselves linked to violent organizations they had no connection with.

In other news, the people of Denver would like the folks back in the eastern states to know it does not snow 12 months out of the year. Usually. Snow in the forecast for DNC in August? Grasshoppers more likely - unfortunately with the algae problem we're having right now, grasshoppers and swarms of other bugs are not off the table. The people of Denver would also like to let the East coast know we have the running water and indoor plumbing. Thanks.

Speaking of the algae fiasco that may disrupt the Olympics DNC, here are some pics of the problem:

I believe that is the sewer sucker. I thought it would look more impressively threatening than it does. Looks more like a pontoon boat with a pump.

Here's a closeup of the algae that is threatening Denver's beautification project. This disrespectful algae is everywhere there is water right now.

This is what the lake normally looks like.

This is what it would look like on Saturn. Note the moon of Titan in the skyline.

Finally, I bet you're all wondering what's on the menu for the delegates at the convention. I'm not sure if it's on the scale of the G8 12 course fantasy meals, but it at least has health on the agenda: Denver Grilled For Restrictive DNC Food Guidelines. If they really wanted to give them the Colorado experience, they'd have them hike up Mt Evans with a pack of trail mix.

More as is comes in...

(A special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sandiaheights for providing the icon and the scaled down pics! Thanks, babe!)




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