Sunday I took the lightrail downtown to check out the DNC activity as the delegates and protesters had their first full day in the city of Denver. When we first got there, the feeling was laid back. Everyone, including all of the protesters, were very polite. The only tension came from the police force and as the day progressed the more the tension mounted. You can find them everywhere in full riot gear and armed to the teeth. You can also catch secret service roaming about talking into their sleeves. Yeah, they seriously really do that.

To start off, this is the setup at Civic Center Park. The booths are set up to sell everything from conventions goods to jewelry to political ideas. The building that looks like a battlement in the background is the art museum.

Another pick of Civic Center Park.

Barack O'Bronco T-Shirts!

Denver's own Luna Coffee is the offical coffee of the DNC!

People were gathering at the Capitol to protest

This giant bell was across from the Capitol as a protest to corporate interests in politics.

A sign of the times - bikes of the protesters littered the Capitol.

I missed Cindy Sheehan, but was able to snap some photos of Ward Churchill speaking at one of the Recreate 68 rallies at the Capitol.

Here is one of the mounted police squads roaming through the city.

Where ever you go, police in riot gear are near by. They're telling people it's to help make the public feel more secure, but those interviewed seem more nervous about it.

I'll be going back down there tomorrow to join the Procession for the Future Puppet March sponsored by the Alliance for Real Democracy, Tent State and various other groups. If I'm not arrested, I'll post more pics...

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I was really surprised at the sedate atmosphere and, as you noted, the seriously polite response from the protesters. As in Chicago in 68 - as things stand right now it seems to me that any trouble will be caused by the police. They are SO coiled, and dying to use their shiny new toys. With no less than six constantly buzzing helicopters as backup, I think they think it would be a shame if they let such an opportunity pass without even firing once!



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