( Aug. 5th, 2008 09:46 am)
I'm using the new icon provided by [livejournal.com profile] sandiaheights (thank you very much). It's the current cover of Denver's magazine 5280. For those of you confused by the number, that's a mile above sea level, otherwise known as why it's hard to breathe if you're not from around these parts. Conventioneers, don't go all crazy around Red Rocks. Try to pace yourselves, okay?

Feel free to use the icons or pics if you wish.

You can sign up here if you're from Denver and want a chance to attend Obama's acceptance speech Thursday, August 28th. Be warned, it's primarily a donation page. While you don't have to give a donation, I noted that they also do say you have an equal chance of getting in if you don't.

Protesters can chant a sigh of relief, as they and the public have been given the go ahead to use the VIP lot at Invesco on the last day of the convention. And to show they care, the city of Denver will be providing the bullhorns.

Wanna get a glimpse inside the Pepsi Center to see what a DNC transformed Pepsi Center looks like? If you can get tickets (info provided in the link) you can take a tour. Scroll down and read the comments at the bottom of the page if you want to see the typical Denver reaction to this. They're even less enthused then they were in the last YouTube installment of Things to Do in Denver during the DNC.

120 bloggers get access to DNC. Guess who wasn't invited. Ah well. I heard Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich weren't going to be duking it out there to see who leads the radical contingency anyway....

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