( Feb. 1st, 2008 02:18 pm)
I started the day with a migraine, so my bullshit meter was already maxed out when I walked into the meeting. So there I was in the thrid meeting of the week to talk about the same bullshit we've discussed for the past two years, and this dipshit wannabe Dean that's training at the school took the ideas that I and my co-worker have been presenting - for YEARS - and said, "These were my ideas" while the actual Dean, who is never usually around and always clueless, was there to praise her on a job well done. But I must admit, stealing the ideas of others and using them as your own is a good indicator that you will make a fine administrator.

A few minutes later, my supervisor pulls the same stunt - steals my co-workers idea he heard the day before and presents it to the Dean and President as his own. Why, we're all thrilled to be an endless fountain of your success, as we sit at the bottom of the shit pile and admire your weasle skills!

I shouldn't be stunned or amazed by any of this, but that little piece of me that wants to believe in the decency of others just hasn't completely withered and died yet.

We broke for lunch and a few of us went to Domo, a lovely Japanese restaurant, where I proceeded to regain my calm center. It was amazingly good and much needed. If you're ever in the Denver area, I highly recommend it.

I returned to a snide email over a question I had asked that apparently pissed off the Registrar. Usually I can overlook such things and take the high road, but not today. Today I replied snidely back with a vailed insult of her writing skills. I'm doing this with a migraine, don't fuck with me.

My moment of zen for the day? A co-worker suggested that the ever morphing $500 tax rebate we may or may not get, might keep students from dropping out. I shit you not. This of course anticipates that our students file taxes. Overlooking that for a moment, it covers about 1 credit hour of a three credit class. Or one month's rent if they have 3 roommates. Or most likely a new gaming system so they can play World of Warcraft all night and ascend to the ranks of a level 36 Elf Master named Thorod. Yeah.

My lunch really was lovely though ----> go to Domo
( Aug. 2nd, 2006 08:49 am)
I work for a proprietary school - don't ever do that, by the way. There are about 80 schools across the country under the same parent company. A lot of them were bought out and absorbed, so many were under different systems. They're now in the process of making all the schools uniform in policies. I can understand this logic to a certain extend (it breaks down when you realize that life is different from region to region and sometimes policies come about because they're more practical in certain settings, but that's another argument...) So now they want to put all the schools on the same pay schedule. This makes sense to me. However, they decided to take our school from being paid twice a month (15th and last day of the month) to every other week. This means were going from 24 pays a year to 26 pays a year. Can you see where this is going yet?

They decided to start the process in mid July. Because they're spreading out the pays, I'm getting $90 less each pay check for a nice total of $180 less each month. Because of the timing we don't see that nice extra third check of the month (with no deductions) until March. There are only two months out of the year where you get three pays a month - so at that time we then have to just budget the money to make it stetch. Fine, I can live with the responsibility. I used to be paid on this schedule at the last school I worked at. But 8 freakin months where we have to do with $180 less a month? People budget their money based on the pay they agreed to when they signed on - you buy something like a car where you have to pay in installments thinking you have the money to do it and BOOM, nearly $200 gone. What the fuck do you do? Can you tell that the people who make these decisions don't have to worry about such things?

They could have avoided the hardship just by waiting till January to start the new pay system. Assholes.




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