I think no group annoys me as much as the Hillary for McCainers. Whatever you think of Obama, you cannot present me with an rational argument to support McCain in the wake of Hillary's loss. These people do a nice job of destroying the credibility of women in politics. Hillary lost in a fair fight. Democrats chose Obama. Agree with him or not, he was democratically selected as the nominee. The people told Hillary no. So by throwing a fit and taking the ball home with them, all they have done is shown they have no grace in defeat.

Worse yet, they have a super cheesy ad of a nutjob-sore-loser type holding up signs for why she supports McCain now. It's done like a really bad online school advertisement complete with poor timing standing in for thoughtful contemplation.

One of the Hillary supporters at the DNC called me and [livejournal.com profile] sandiaheights "gender traitors" for not volunteering to hold a Hillary banner. Not only was it a moronic thing to say to someone you don't know, it was indicative of how blinded these people are their own cause as being the only cause. For all she knew, I didn't want to hold it because I have carpal tunnel or I support the Green Party candidate, Cynthia McKinney. The idea that one isn't a feminist or for equality because they don't support Hillary Clinton is ludicrous.

There were others wearing t-shirt that said "Radical Feminists for Hillary." Way to be totally oblivious to what Radical Feminism stands for - which by the way isn't Hillary. Radical feminism totally rejects the patriarchal heirarchy system that Hillary has embraced by cracking that glass ceiling. They don't look to break through the ceiling, they look to dismantle the entire structure. Hillary is a feminist to be sure, but she's not radical even slightly. And if you claim to be a radical feminist for McCain, you might want to get a refund on that lobotomy.

Behind the cut-tag are photos of the Hillary Supporters at the DNC )

I'd say it will be interesting to see if the Hillary for McCainers embrace the oil grubbing, anti-choice, anti-gay, pro-gun, no-experience, ex-beauty queen, trophy Veep, Sarah Palin, but I don't think it will be interesting at all. They'd be far more interesting if they said they were writing in Ron Paul or better yet, Zoltar, their alien master.
( Jul. 3rd, 2008 09:14 am)
I've been highly critical of Obama during this election season. And if I am it's because I don't believe he's really the change he's claiming to be and I find that disheartening. However, as we're edging toward the election, I do believe that McCain would be disastrous for the nation. We are teetering on an economic collapse. When it tips, and it will tip, we will need someone in office that can deal with the public outcry for help the way that Roosevelt did in the 1930s with the New Deal and economic reforms. Roosevelt had his problems, he isn't the saint of the Democratic party that some would think, but he did what was necessary during a time of desperation. I think Obama would do that. I do not believe that John "Economics is hard!" McCain would.

I've been researching the Great Depression over the last few weeks and noted how many similarities there are to today's economic crisis. It began with a credit crisis - somewhat like today, but not as domineered by insane troll logic. In the US and Canada is was exacerbated by a man-made disaster (the dust bowl). There was no oil crisis then to compound the problem, which makes you wonder how much worse it will be today with the credit/housing crisis, the Midwestern floods that wiped out a chunk of the grain crops, the fires in the West, $146 oil, and the war in Iraq and Afghanistan with threats on Iran next.

There were safety nets put in place after the depression to make sure it was never that bad again. Slowly over the past few decades those safety nets were whittled away. In 1999, Bill Clinton repealed the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 that forced a separation between commercial banking and investment banking. This was done for the protection of both the banks and the people so that one couldn't easily borrow money to invest (and of course the banks wouldn't have incentive to push it) - it's believed by many economists that this repeal set the course for the credit crisis we're seeing today.

I've said before that America is living an unsustainable life style of mass consumption and waste on a Visa/Master card. It simply cannot hold. At this point, I don't think it's a matter of good leadership saving us from the brink. It's too late for that. The Bush administration maxed out our savings and drove us as far into the ground as it could. Whoever takes over the helm will be conducting rescue operations. If we stay the course with McCain, we may have a chance to see that the center of the earth is a flaming ball of hell. With Obama, we may have the chance to keep our heads above the quicksand. Neither scenario is pretty, but one is survivable.
Forget about food and gas price hikes, the budget crunch is hitting out below the belt. From Newsweek:

Feeling the Pinch
Nevada's brothels hit hard times

We're talking a 45% hit to the Las Vegas brothel scene, my friends. So start growing those gardens and buying those hybrids now and use the money you save to help support those working men and women on the Vegas Strip. And also the pharmaceutical industry, which much surely be taking a hit in the designer VD drug department. This is what Reagan must have meant by trickle down economics.

Speaking of whoring...

In Obama news, today he announced that he would opt out of public financing. What this means is that he doesn't have to worry about the spending limits and restrictions that come with spending the money of the people. When McCain did this a few months ago, the Democratic party was all over McCain and trying to determine if he violated election laws. Apparently when nothing materialize, they decided that taking the public out of the election was a good thing.

Let the corporate bidding war begin!

I was reading a blogger the other day that suggested we put the candidates on eBay so at least we could see who the highest bidder is. I think it's a damn good idea.

It's another slap in the face from reality, but one I think we all need. For all the change Obama promises, never forget the man is a politician. Political change doesn't happen by electing someone into office that buys into the same ideals as their broken party. George Bush and his administration are not the only guilty ones in what has happened to this nation over the past 8 years. It takes a hell of a lot more people that are silent and unwilling to challenge the regime that allowed the Bush crew to get away with what they did and are still doing. A Democrat Congress really hasn't changed much.

I am not suggesting a vote for McCain, which would be akin to talking a sawed off shot gun and blowing one's head off at close range. No, I am not suggesting this route. I am also not suggesting a vote for Nader, who is becoming more and more the Lyndon LaRouche of our age minus the prison term. I'm sure I will march up to my certified non-tampered voting machine, stare at it a couple of minutes, mark off all the boxes I had preselected before going back to the one for President. I will stare at it a little longer and check to make sure the receipt ribbon is full. I'll probably wonder why I didn't look into the Green candidate a little more, and then I will select Obama. This is close to what happened in 2004 when I voted for Kerry. I will walk out of there and be glued to the TV set as the election results come in. I will be praying to God that McCain doesn't win and Obama beats the snot out of him.

For me an Obama win isn't a great victory for a great man. An Obama win is proof that there is a shift in the direction of the people. The people want change. The people are tired of not only Bush, but of the status quo. Whether Obama is a real representative of this or not remains to be seen, but the people obviously want it and that's an important statement to make.




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