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It's over! It's OVER!!!!!!! The eight year of utter darkness and despair are OVER!

Raise a glass, folks! The long hard battle to oust these jokers has finally paid off. Now we actually have a chance to rebuild the country and clean up this mess.
Forget about food and gas price hikes, the budget crunch is hitting out below the belt. From Newsweek:

Feeling the Pinch
Nevada's brothels hit hard times

We're talking a 45% hit to the Las Vegas brothel scene, my friends. So start growing those gardens and buying those hybrids now and use the money you save to help support those working men and women on the Vegas Strip. And also the pharmaceutical industry, which much surely be taking a hit in the designer VD drug department. This is what Reagan must have meant by trickle down economics.

Speaking of whoring...

In Obama news, today he announced that he would opt out of public financing. What this means is that he doesn't have to worry about the spending limits and restrictions that come with spending the money of the people. When McCain did this a few months ago, the Democratic party was all over McCain and trying to determine if he violated election laws. Apparently when nothing materialize, they decided that taking the public out of the election was a good thing.

Let the corporate bidding war begin!

I was reading a blogger the other day that suggested we put the candidates on eBay so at least we could see who the highest bidder is. I think it's a damn good idea.

It's another slap in the face from reality, but one I think we all need. For all the change Obama promises, never forget the man is a politician. Political change doesn't happen by electing someone into office that buys into the same ideals as their broken party. George Bush and his administration are not the only guilty ones in what has happened to this nation over the past 8 years. It takes a hell of a lot more people that are silent and unwilling to challenge the regime that allowed the Bush crew to get away with what they did and are still doing. A Democrat Congress really hasn't changed much.

I am not suggesting a vote for McCain, which would be akin to talking a sawed off shot gun and blowing one's head off at close range. No, I am not suggesting this route. I am also not suggesting a vote for Nader, who is becoming more and more the Lyndon LaRouche of our age minus the prison term. I'm sure I will march up to my certified non-tampered voting machine, stare at it a couple of minutes, mark off all the boxes I had preselected before going back to the one for President. I will stare at it a little longer and check to make sure the receipt ribbon is full. I'll probably wonder why I didn't look into the Green candidate a little more, and then I will select Obama. This is close to what happened in 2004 when I voted for Kerry. I will walk out of there and be glued to the TV set as the election results come in. I will be praying to God that McCain doesn't win and Obama beats the snot out of him.

For me an Obama win isn't a great victory for a great man. An Obama win is proof that there is a shift in the direction of the people. The people want change. The people are tired of not only Bush, but of the status quo. Whether Obama is a real representative of this or not remains to be seen, but the people obviously want it and that's an important statement to make.
I've been watching the media and their love of Obama the past few days and I'm a bit confused. I think I might have gotten caught up in the Obama wave had they not made a connection between him and Lincoln. He's not had a chance to do anything in office yet, where are we getting this Lincoln stuff from? Because Lincoln was a uniter not a divider and he sought to heal the union during a time of civil war?

But you see, that makes sense for Lincoln because - Hello - Civil War. The country is divided and blowing each other up. That's bad. Wanting to stop that is understandable.

Obama is in a different position. The country, though admittedly polarized, is not at war with itself. Why would you want to work with the people that are taking the country down the primrose path of destruction? How does that constitute change? Don't you want to go down a different path? The Democrates have been working together with the Republicans and compromising for the entirity of the Bush Presidency (either by accepting their lockout status or by backing down once they got the numbers) Has it worked? No. No it hasn't. The whole point of having more than one party, is that there are political differences that are addressed. Not seeing eye to eye and debating the issues is GOOD! Checks and balances, remember those?

The candidates are still afraid of losing votes by standing out. What I see with Obama is that he is gaining votes through voice inflection. He's charasmatic as all hell and sounds damn good. But what is he saying outside of "CHANGE! CHANGE! CHANGE!" which quite frankly is no different than shouting "9/11! 9/11! 9/11!" or "Experience! Experience! Experience!" Great. What change do you have in mind. I agree we need change. Can you please talk about it now?

Peteris sent me the two articles below, which I now pass along to you. In case you don't make it to the end of the first article, the chair was made in China...

Barack Obama - I'm sure we've seen him somewhere before
Armando Iannucci
Sunday January 13, 2008
(On Obama's rhetoric) But, rhythmically, it's quite alluring. It can make anything, even, for example, a simple chair, seem magnificent. Why vote for someone who says: 'See that chair. You can sit on it' when you can have someone like Obama say: 'This chair can take your weight. This chair can hold your buttocks, 15 inches in the air. This chair, this wooden chair, can support the ass of the white man or the crack of the black man, take the downward pressure of a Jewish girl's behind or the butt of a Buddhist adolescent, it can provide comfort for Muslim buns or Mormon backsides, the withered rump of an unemployed man in Nevada struggling to get his kids through high school and needful of a place to sit and think, the plump can of a single mum in Florida desperately struggling to make ends meet but who can no longer face standing, this chair, made from wood felled from the tallest redwood in Chicago, this chair, if only we believed in it, could sustain America's huddled arse.'

Tipsy on Bipartisanship
Obama, Bloomberg, and the press get drunk on compromise, cooperation, and civility.

By Jack Shafer
Some of you have heard that Dennis Kucinich called for a vote recount in New Hampshire. If your local news is like my local news, he sounded as though he had sour grapes over the results. This isn't the case. Check out his actual statement here:

Kucinich Asks for New Hampshire Recount in the Interest of Election Integrity

The issue seems to be that there is a disparity between the paper ballots and the machine ballots. According to the paper ballots, not only did Obama beat Clinton by a significant margin, but each of the other candidates did better than when compared by the machine ballots. Clinton was the only candidate that did better in the machine voting. Statistically, this is unlikely. While this doesn't mean that voting fraud actually occurred, it's a significant anomally that needs attention. You can take a look at the raw numbers and percentages here

CheckTheVotes.com - A Closer Look At The Count
2008 New Hampshire State Primary Results

There's also a problem with the exit polls not matching up with the election results, which was a huge problem in Ohio in 2004. It's also an interesting note that the exit poll deviations did not start occurring until the 2000 election. Food for thought.
Political decision of the day: I've decided in the election to vote for Kucinich whether he wins the Democrat nomimation or not. Now, the likelyhood that he will win the Democrat nomination is about the same as Hillary Clinton not winning it - ever so slight, but miracles do happen. Next to Kucinich, the only Democrat I can stomach if I don't look directly at him is Edwards. If Edwards wins the nomination and he's running against Guiliani, I'll vote Edwards. Other than that, I'm going to write in Kucinich (provided he doesn't run as an Independant, in which case I'll just use a check mark).

I'm getting pretty sick of hearing people say "Well, I agree with everything Kucinich stands for, but he's unelectable." I've said this before and I'll say it again - the only reason the man is unelectable is because the people who agree with him and support him are succumbing to the media voice that says he's unelectable.

We need to stop this cycle of letting the media vote for us. The media has made the top three choices in both parties already and is only giving these people the coverage. Third parties are out altogether. It defeats democracy and it's disgusting. I won't vote for someone because it's a foregone conclusion that they're going to win or have the best chance of winning. What kind of democracy is that?

We desparately need someone right now that has made it part of their platform to repeal all of Bush's signing statements and restore the Constitution. We are in SUCH danger right now of slipping into a fascist state that if the Constitution isn't restored and once again the highest law of the land, anyone elected into office - Democrat or Republican - can seriously abuse what's left of our democracy to taut their own agenda. Bush has put himself in the position of gaining absolute power under an ever weakening Constitution. If the man actually does leave office, whoever steps into his shoes inherits this power. Kucinich and Ron Paul are the only candidates that have made restoring Constitutional powers over the dictates of the President part of their platform. Their voting records also indicates that they would would do this.

I'm voting for the Constitution in 2008.




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