If you like your Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, be prepared to shell out a little more for in the coming months: US food groups plan hefty price rises.

High oil prices + food shortages due to weather + rampant inflation = stock up now before the prices skyrocket further.

[livejournal.com profile] damoyre and I were discussing whether the Mormon practice of storing enough food for a year was paranoia or amazingly wise. I've decided on amazingly wise. I think Katrina taught people that they cannot rely on the government to survive should a disaster strike. Three years later and it's still a mess there. Should there never be a disaster, you just date everything and use and replace as you go. Everything is used and nothing is wasted. Not a bad deal.

I'm not as worried about a natural disaster as I am the man-made economic disaster we're only beginning to experience now. Because the government keeps printing money and lowered the interest rates to an unprecedented low as a means of dealing with the mortgage/credit crisis, they decided to let us take our chances with gargantuan, Mecha-Streisand type huge, inflation. They then turned around and bailed out Fanny Mae, Freddie Mac and IndyMac (Bear Stearns was the wake up call) - using 20% of the FDIC insurance budget to do it - and with more bank failures coming down the pike... not all is rosy.

Storing up now while food prices are relatively low (relatively as in not Zimbabwe bad at the moment), would be a good thing to do right now.




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