( Feb. 2nd, 2007 08:17 pm)
I get a notice in my e-mail that the Decemberists will be live at the Filmore on April 22. Fuckers. I'll be in Orlando. And just to pour the salt and lemon in deep, they'll be in Orlando like... a week before. Twice I've missed them now.

This must be the karmic payback for lucking into a Gogol Bordello gig about a month ago. It was the day of and they were sold out. Lisa gave them puppy eyes and groveled and maybe washed the car of the guy that owned the place (which in Denver right now would be more valuable than sex). In she skipped declaring she'd scored the tickets. We ended up in the balcony standing right over the stage. Next to the speakers. The ringing hasn't stopped, but boy was it worth it! Wow. See them live. The recordings do not do this group justice, they're totally a live act. Also - major close up of Eugene's near total loss of pants. I wonder how many times they just come off while he's in mid air. He announced they were doing a song for a special someone in the audience - and to see if we knew who this person was. It was Baro Foro WHICH just happens to be on Elijah's list of favorite songs of 2005. Was he there? Maybe supporting his girlfriend? Fuck knows. Half the world has to love that song. But Lisa claims she saw someone that resembled him walking towards the back by the bar right after the opening act left the stage. Fortune for him (if it was him), because the opening act was a million kinds of suck.

Anyway. So now my choices of concert are Blue October and Neko Case and I can't bring myself to care enough. Ah well.




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