( Aug. 28th, 2008 11:15 pm)
I've posted some pics on my Facebook account on the DNC. I'll be posting more here soon, but right now I'm too tired to do more than stare at the pretty colors on the screen. It's been a hell of a week in Denver and I haven't quite congealed yet from the intense heat and energy generated here.

Tonight was a spectacular way to end the convention with Obama's home run speech. It's hard to imagine McCain living up to that next week.

My only grip is that I didn't get tickets to see John Stewart at my alma mater where he's been broadcasting from ALL WEEK! The alumni folks at DU are going to get a nice letter from me explaining how the 50 letters I get from them a week asking for money are now all going into the trash since the school can't be bothered to send me an invite to something I'd actually like to go to. Not that I'm bitter. Colbert, I feel your pain tonight.

Tomorrow, it's off to the Taste of Colorado in Civic Center Park. Should be the perfect grace note to end the convention on this week. :)




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