I think no group annoys me as much as the Hillary for McCainers. Whatever you think of Obama, you cannot present me with an rational argument to support McCain in the wake of Hillary's loss. These people do a nice job of destroying the credibility of women in politics. Hillary lost in a fair fight. Democrats chose Obama. Agree with him or not, he was democratically selected as the nominee. The people told Hillary no. So by throwing a fit and taking the ball home with them, all they have done is shown they have no grace in defeat.

Worse yet, they have a super cheesy ad of a nutjob-sore-loser type holding up signs for why she supports McCain now. It's done like a really bad online school advertisement complete with poor timing standing in for thoughtful contemplation.

One of the Hillary supporters at the DNC called me and [livejournal.com profile] sandiaheights "gender traitors" for not volunteering to hold a Hillary banner. Not only was it a moronic thing to say to someone you don't know, it was indicative of how blinded these people are their own cause as being the only cause. For all she knew, I didn't want to hold it because I have carpal tunnel or I support the Green Party candidate, Cynthia McKinney. The idea that one isn't a feminist or for equality because they don't support Hillary Clinton is ludicrous.

There were others wearing t-shirt that said "Radical Feminists for Hillary." Way to be totally oblivious to what Radical Feminism stands for - which by the way isn't Hillary. Radical feminism totally rejects the patriarchal heirarchy system that Hillary has embraced by cracking that glass ceiling. They don't look to break through the ceiling, they look to dismantle the entire structure. Hillary is a feminist to be sure, but she's not radical even slightly. And if you claim to be a radical feminist for McCain, you might want to get a refund on that lobotomy.

The Hillary supporters decided to gather by the Wellington Webb building near Civic Center Park. There was a giant "No Trespassing" sign next to them, which they ignored.

I'd blot out her face, but she already did a great job disguising herself as Ani DiFranco (no offense to Ani). When I declined to hold a Hillary sign she called me a "gender traitor".

I don't so much condemn them for calling Obama on the plagiarized sound bytes he used, as the fact that they're ignoring Hillary's little fib on landing in Bosnia under sniper fire.

"Because if we can't win, no one should!"

Unless, of course, she doesn't rock. In that case, screw her and vote for McCain!

I'd say it will be interesting to see if the Hillary for McCainers embrace the oil grubbing, anti-choice, anti-gay, pro-gun, no-experience, ex-beauty queen, trophy Veep, Sarah Palin, but I don't think it will be interesting at all. They'd be far more interesting if they said they were writing in Ron Paul or better yet, Zoltar, their alien master.
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From: [identity profile] sandiaheights.livejournal.com


My fury is still, for the most part, directed at Hillary herself. Her followers are simply taking cues from her. She didn't win. When that happened she started crying over Florida and Michigan. She still didn't win, so she re-invented math. She still didn't win, so she started whining about debt relief (are you frakking kidding me??). And finally, grudgingly, she... doesn't conceed anything.

With an example like that, I don't doubt that her more gullible followers are now a little batshit. To think this creature may have actually become commander and chief gives me the hinks. I'd support a woman the way I'd support any other human being in that office. Based on merit. Hillary trashed her credit her own damn self and now look where we're at. "Gender Traitors" my lily white ass.

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I actually had a phone call from Hillary for McCainers a week or so ago. To say that I let her have it was mild. I read her the riot act. I finished by telling the person she was a miserable excuse for a feminist. McCain would flush every fucking thing Hillary had accomplished and more. The woman on the other end just wibbled something about Obama couldn't be trusted (she was reading from a script) and I asked her if the party of George Bush could be trusted.

That was when I hung up.

There are times when people ask me why I bother to engage these morons. I engage them because they are there and flapping their jaws!

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The fact that she was reading from a script should tell people she doesn't know her ass from a hole in the ground. Too many people get involved in causes without understanding them enough to hold their own in a conversation let alone a debate. I have gripes with Obama, but if anyone thinks that Hillary is more trust worthy, I can point to a mountain of evidence against that. And McCain? America will crumble under a third Bush term. These people make me very tired.

From: [identity profile] babaca.livejournal.com

Can we hope that Hill&Bill's speeches did anything to sway them, or should we just give up the ghost that these folks have any sense of rationality or common sense? Or will they just go McCain because he found a woman to be his VP.

Actually I believe someone at work got called and asked if McCain had a woman VP would she vote for him. She responded, "what law says that if I'm a woman I'm required to vote for a woman in a party I don't agree with?"

From: [identity profile] catscradle.livejournal.com

I'd like to believe that the more typical Hillary supporter is rational and will vote for Obama or a non-McCain alternative. I think it's just this fringe group that can't handle the loss of their appointed saint. If they vote for McCain because of his little trophy VP, their as moronic as they look. She stands for everything Hillary opposes. My hope is that the group is small enough not to matter. There is a large group of disenfranchised Republicans that hate McCain that will hopefully offset them.




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