([personal profile] catscradle Aug. 2nd, 2008 09:00 pm)
My apologies for slacking on the DNC news here in Denver. I've been bombarded with work and what little time I have left over is set aside to decompress and sleep.

That aside, not too much is going on right now. It seems to be the calm before the storm. No doubt on August 26th some lost soul who missed work on Monday will say, "Uh, dude! What are all these people doing here?" This seems to be the mindset of my day-time place of employment. I'll no doubt be ranting about that in the very near future, so on with the current round up for the week.

Unhappy with all the money that Denver is spending on security for the convention, a group of Anarchists Propose $50 Million Deal On Convention. Their bargain deal is that they will not protest and disrupt the convention if Denver ditches security and funnels the money to people who need it (mostly for health care for the needy. I have to admit, with all the money they're spending on security cameras that are arguably ineffective, one wonders if they don't have a point.

But Denver does care about the needy as they plan on handing out free movie, museum and arts tickets to the homeless during the DNC. They vehemently deny that this is an attempt to get the homeless off the streets and out of sight to the conventioners, but rather to keep them safe from being run over by blind, rampaging democrats and protesters.

Other people are just looking to make some cash to pay bills by renting out their home for the DNC. If you're looking to come to Denver and haven't found a place to stay yet, try looking on Craig's List and you're bound to find something.

Finally, if you're planning on coming to the convention and you're looking for something to do while your here, check out this video of random Denverites offering their ideas for fun and excitement in the mile high city. I must admit, my favorites are the people recommending everyone go to Aspen or Boulder...




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