This weekend I went downtown to shoot a few pics of pre-convention Denver. It's mostly what you would expect with banners, tree lights and red, white and blue bunting. Below are a few examples of how Denver spruced up the city

These are the banners that are plastered all up and down the 16th Street Mall.

Here's a typical hotel complete with Betsy Ross patriotic bunting. We had a cold snap with some storms, which is why they're not all pristine and straight.

The Virgin Mega Store on the mall, like most of the other stores is in on the gig. They have great giant, fuzzy patriotic peace sign hands for sale, but I wasn't allowed to take pictures in the store, so you'll have to take my word on it. They're also available in hat version, so run don't walk, folks!

Sorry about the glare. I would have tried for a better angle, but they don't take too kindly to folks taking pictures of stores and buildings right now. Anyway, I love the Hello Kitty: Hug Me I Vote babydoll shirt.

Tired of a day of conventioning? Take a load off on our snazzed up benches!

We're already planning what to do after ya'll leave and we get our city back. The menu is from the Paramount Cafe on the 16th Street Mall. They make the best spinach/artichoke dip...

This monstrosity is being rented out by the Democratic Party for planning and strategizing. It's across from the Hyatt on California and 14th. It will stay up after the DNC leaves for rental purposes until they start building there in 2 years. We're so proud of our... tent.

This is one of the various tents that have popped up in different parts of the city. This one was near the Pepsi Center where most of the convention will take place. The purpose of the tent is unknown currently. According to the news it can be anything from a press tent, a special events tent or a detention center for protesters. We do know that they are planning to house large amounts of protesters and rabble rousers in whats being called the DNC Gulag (Others are calling the detention centers Freedom Towns). What drew my attention were the high tension wires surrounding the tents, but they could be just to keep the public out.

The city wasn't the only thing to get cleaned up. Denver's homeless were also given a shave and a haircut. Well, as Jesus said, the poor we will always have with us. That doesn't mean they can't have a little pizazz! I'm all for helping people out and I'm sure of lot of the homeless appreciated the gesture and the attention. It may be worth it just for that. But there's something disgusting about the idea of cleaning up the undesirables so that our visiting conventioneers don't notice them. This is all part of the city beautification project fund specifically set aside for the DNC.

More to come...



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