So the Tent State protest group plans to camp out at City Park for the DNC, but the mayor says No Way! Looks like it will be sprinklers for whoever decides to stay past the park's 11pm curfew. No word on if they plan to spice up the water coming out of those sprinklers, but I hear they use the lake water for that, so camp at your own risk.

For a list of all planned protests, marches, political action groups, road closures and the like, go here.

Will Denver's dissenters stick to the muddled plan? Hard to say. Typically if there's going to be trouble, you'll see it in places like the more right-winged Colorado Springs. But this Convention is anything but (dare I?) - conventional. I think we can see anything from peaceful marches to radical Hillary supporters rampaging through the streets. It's anyone's guess if it go off without a hitch or end in tears.

Okay, the following facts were gleaned from [ profile] sandiaheights in Denver's 5280 magazine (wild applause):

A couple of the articles on the website can be dowloaded in their entirety, otherwise you have to cough up the dough and subscribe.

Denver hosted the DNC 100 years ago this July, FWIW. The Nominee was William Jennings Bryan. Also, the mag will cover (along with a billion other outlets I'm sure) the convention in real time on their web site.

The editorial page assures us that all the worry about the DNC is just that. In fact, we're so worried about our personal problems - aka "the economy" that it's likely we wont even notice the convention. The 1968 convention was in a corrupt and nasty city with a corrupt and nasty Mayor and what did you really expect? "We have Mayor John Hickenlooper, a politically correct former geologist who couldn't survive a cage match with Mr. Rogers."

There's a pull out section - the "insider's Guide to Denver". It begins by advising which of their advertisers to dine with. I can see the appeal. These are the finest of the fine dining experiences, so if you want to rub shoulders with the politicos, this would be a good way to begin. Begins the Nightlife section with a recommendation of the Cruise Room. Also points the way to the Wynkoop as our dominate microbrew. Goes on to recommend delivery services (did you know we have a wine delivery service in Denver?), salons, shopping destinations, (yawn, Larimer Square and Cherry Creek, ho hum - did also mention Old South Gaylord and Pearl Street) and finally, the "fun". You can shop for antiques on Broadway, go to the Tattered Cover, see Red Rocks, go to the park, the Botanic Gardens, or see a ball game.

Hum. I expected more.

Moving on to the article.

June 2008 estimates - DNC will bring in 50,000 people, which will pump $160 Million into the economy. The reality is a bit different. It's expected the 5 star and better destinations, which the common man has never even heard of let alone visits, are already booked solid. The rest of the Denver economy will suffer due to a concerted effort of locals to be anywhere but Downtown at the end of August. The breakdown of Boston's DNC - net income $156.7 million. Displaced events -$110.6 M, Lost Tourism -$22.8 M, Lost consumer spending -$8.5 M, NET ECONOMIC IMPACT = $14.8 M (pg 94, for any keeping track). More than 30% of Boston didn't show up for work that week.

They then list the best destinations depending upon your taste. If you want to be in the middle of it all, go here. If you want to get the hell away from it, go here.

Next, the protesters. They estimate that CodePink, Recreate 68 and Unconventional Denver will only muster a few hundred between them. Tent State is the real number grabber, expecting several thousand to show up. However they're considered disorganized and pretty much a null factor. Even Wolf Blitzer sez so.

obama @ Marriot city center, hillary @ adams mark, jon probably in town

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