( Jan. 10th, 2008 04:27 pm)
Have you seen the commercial were some guy is trying to buy a trinket at a store using… CASH! Ah yes, that old fashioned monetary system of cold, hard, in-your-hand currency that illustrates to the world what your worth if they decided to bang you over the head and run. It’s no wonder everyone in the commercial looks at the man like he’s got a third head. Is he nuts? Especially when his bank is willing to give him a debit card for free! For freaken free! Because you should be very, very afraid to have cash in hand. You should be afraid about a lot of things, but cash in hand is, like, the scariest thing ever! After all, it’s totally anonymous and doesn’t link your net worth with all your personal information like debit cards conveniently do.

Every time I see this commercial the Handmaid’s Tale comes to mind…

In related news from The Onion:


WASHINGTON—As his last term in office winds to a close, President Bush has directed White House aids and Cabinet staff to begin preparing for 2008, the nation's 232nd and final year in existence.

"My fellow Americans, it has been an honor to be your last president," said Bush during a televised address Tuesday, assuring citizens he would do everything possible over the next few months to promote a smooth transition into utter oblivion.

This would be funny if Bush wasn’t a better parody of himself than any team of comedy writers could put together.



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