My friend Nick forwarded the video on this website to me. I didn't realize it was real at first, then I went to the website listed at the end.

Senator Ron Wyden's Healthy Americans Act

It calls for an end to wage slavery, as many American's stay at jobs they hate because they fear losing their health insurance. This is certainly my own case. I'd love to work as online adjunct faculty for schools so I can work from home, but adjuncts do not get health benefits. I can't purchase my own because the diabetes makes me uninsurable. So I'm stuck working a job I hate that most likely is contributing to my illness. I've actually considered quiting my job and going without insurance because I'm pretty sure if I can rest, relieve the stress and find time to prepare healthier foods and exercise more often, I'll be far better off than working 60+ hours a week with insurance. But it's a fucking stupid choice to have to make.

Check out the video. I personally love the scene of the employee photocopying his ass for his boss. Dude, I totally hear ya!



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