I haven't been procrastinating so much as refusing to do things that would typically be more crucial than I'm currently allowing it all to be. **rereads sentence** Yeah, that's pretty accurate. So give me something important you needed done yesterday and watch me ignore it. I'm sure I'm suffering some sort of mental deficiency at the moment, but seriously, I can't see the importance of anything related to my job. Terrible. Yeah. See me lamenting this?

Terminal indifference is the result of incorporating hysterical meaninglessness into one's work environment. Hysterical meaninglessness is when one (typically an employer) insists that you do ineffective, often times detrimental, tasks that run counter intuitive to what the sane world finds productive in some desparate attempt to salvage a shred of revenue from all the past failures in hysterical meaninglessness. It's a bit circular and therefore difficult to argue it's real existence, but I stand by it as the reason why most businesses eventially collapse in on themselves given enough time.

I think I'm gonna grade...



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